Finally! A toothpaste for ME!

I’m a sucker for ridiculous marketing and all sorts of cross-branding, so imagine my delight when I saw that...
1 March 2014

Sergels Torg panorama

A wide view of Stockholm’s central plaza Sergels Torg on a dark, wet, winter afternoon. Click the image for...
12 February 2014

Panorama outside Ljushuset

The Ljushuset store (“Light House”) on Mäster Samuelsgatan lights up a rainy day in Stockholm. Click the image for...

Maxi Grillen

The Maxi Grillen kiosk at Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm is a great place for late night food, as Anthony Bourdain...

Panorama of Hötorget

Panorama photo of a Saturday afternoon in January from the steps of the Stockholm Concert House at Hötorget. Click...

K Composite cover shoot

Photographer Emily Dahl is capturing my former co-workers Niclas Blixt Madison and Fredrik Vindelälv who interview each other in...
27 January 2014

Travel Highlights

A clock in the terminal at the Frankfurt airport. I was delayed 13 hours on my way back to...
31 December 2013

Beavis Christmas Ornament

The Beavis Christmas ornament is once again displayed on my brother’s tree. Butt-Head unfortunately fell to his death and...
26 December 2013

Knob Creek Smoked Maple

Knob Creek Smoked Maple bourbon tastes like pancakes. Amazing, delicious, 45% alcohol-saturated pancakes. If you haven’t read about when...
24 December 2013

Highlands Sirens

@sarahbbgun @meggandbacon @mayaweissbach - The Highlands Sirens

@sarahbbgun @meggandbacon @mayaweissbach – The Highlands Sirens

23 December 2013


A dusting of nutmeg upon the season's delightful egg nog. #drunkenpancakes

A dusting of nutmeg upon the season’s delightful egg nog. #drunkenpancakes

22 December 2013

American Celebration

With a bit of a spring in my step, I disembarked from the aircraft at Los Angeles International Airport....
18 November 2013