The Carjoela Wedding

My associates Alicia Cavender, Chris Reinstatler, Carla Wettig and I, at Carla’s wedding to former teen model Joel Jacob...
21 June 2015

Episode 17: Not Safe For Work


Baguettes, pasta, basil, and tomatoes. It goes without saying that a discussion arose on how to pronounce all of the aforementioned foodstuffs.

15 March 2015

Málaga from the air

Malaga from the air
I spent a few days in the mountains near Málaga, Spain, helping my friend Moa Junström with some music...
23 February 2015

Episode 16: Welcome to the suburb!

Welcome to the very first Snuggling episode recorded in the brand new Snuggling HQ podcast studio! But first things...
21 February 2015

Episode 14: Crappy New Year

Welcome to what is quite possibly our best episode of the year! Err… We mean, the best episode of...
4 January 2015

Episode 13: Single Bells

It’s finally here: the festive episode you’ve all been waiting for! While the prosecco is flowing, Scott gets treated to a...
14 December 2014

Episode 12: The Engagement

Inebriated on the metro, wearing matching shirts & ties.
After Snuggling with the Enemy’s victorious return two weeks ago, we went all out and celebrated with perhaps just a little bit too...
29 November 2014

Episode 10: Presidential Surprise

This week’s program opens with a discussion of Karin’s necklace which contains a tiny, little clock. The conversation quickly...
19 July 2014

Socializing with the Enemy

Join the antisocial revolution.

We have done “it”. As in we’ve started snuggling with the REAL enemy: “social” media. As in, we’ve got ourselves a page on Fakeb…I mean, Farceb… I mean, Facebook. Find it here and hit “like”. Go on. We urge you. Get antisocial with us!

2 June 2014

Episode 4: Double-spaced Bananas

Scott and Karin announce the launch of and make some corrections from last week: they apologise to The...
17 May 2014

Episode 3: The Licorice Episode

In the third episode, the podcast gets a brand new introduction from Kevin the Charismatic South Carolina Presenter and...
10 May 2014

#1: The Frank and Ashley Show

In the pilot episode of their program – which doesn’t actually have a name yet – Scott surprises Karin with a theme song and a temporary title for the show. They discuss online dating, how to take a better selfie and why you should avoid doing both.             Duration: 32 […]

26 April 2014