Episode 10: Presidential Surprise

My, what a big camera you have!

This week’s program opens with a discussion of Karin’s necklace which contains a tiny, little clock. The conversation quickly turns to the world’s most famous clock wearer, Flavor Flav of Public Enemy.

Scott is upset because he likes taking pictures but most of his friends don’t like being photographed. Though he owns only modest cameras, Karin has a well-baked theory about men who have super-expensive cameras, guitars and audio equipment.

We get a quick update on Scott’s habit of losing fingernail clippers just as the program is interrupted by a surprise guest who wants to wish Karin a belated, albeit celebratory happy birthday!

All this, plus Karin’s tips for mending a torn shirt – Needle and thread? What? – and Scott’s new iPhone app, the Adjective Thermometer.

Duration: 30 minutes

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