Panorama of Hötorget

Panorama photo of a Saturday afternoon in January from the steps of the Stockholm Concert House at Hötorget. Click it for an enlarged view.    

K Composite cover shoot

Photographer Emily Dahl itick capturing my former co-workers Niclas Blixt Madison and Fredrik Vindelälv who interview each other in the upcoming 25th issue of K Composite.

American Celebration

With a bit of a spring in my step, I disembarked from the aircraft at Los Angeles International Airport. As far as luggage goes, I traveled lightly, carrying only the essentials. I’d say the most[…]

My “First Time”

In July, I was featured in The Courier-Journal, the daily newspaper in Louisville, Kentucky. For their “First Time” segment, the paper asks notable Louisvillians to reflect back on an important moment in their life when something[…]