My “First Time”

In July, I was featured in The Courier-Journal, the daily newspaper in Louisville, Kentucky. For their “First Time” segment, the...
27 August 2013

Hultsfred 2013

Last weekend, I accompanied my friends Theresa (“Disco”) and Iida (“Li’l Ratchet”) to the Hultsfred music festival. Your author...
19 June 2013

What’s hot

K Composite is once again in the What’s Hot section of Apple’s iPad Newsstand in the US. Pretty exciting!
16 April 2013

Half Day

Idag är en halvdag... Menade de andra halvan?
They said today was a half day. Did they mean the second half?
28 March 2013


Here’s my co-worker Anne Instagramming before our after-work party. She was upset that all the men in the office...
16 March 2013

Helena Öhman

Raw image of @helenaohman by @emilydahl from K Composite photo shoot today. Issue number 21 coming in February! #kcomposite

Raw image of @helenaohman by @emilydahl from K Composite photo shoot today. Issue number 21 coming in February! #kcomposite

3 February 2013

Workin’ it.

Workin' it.

Showing off my excellent posture at Bonnier Tidskrifter

10 December 2012

K Composite Halloween


Photos from the K Composite Halloween party at Debaser Slussen in Stockholm

4 November 2012

Emmy D

Emmy D

Business meeting with Emily Dahl

15 October 2012

Bonnier Magazines

Bonnier Tidskrifter office on Sveavägen in Stockholm
24 September 2012

Blog Awards

@moajunstrom #blogawards
In a cab after the Swedish Blog Awards, on the way to the afterparty with my friend, documentary filmmaker...
22 September 2012


Yeah @flintstone78 PT-Fia wins! We are so in touch with träningsbloggare! @veckorevyn #blogawards

Sofia “PT-Fia” Sjöström is on my cereal box

Moa and Maria

@moajunstrom med @mariamontazami @veckorevyn #blogawards
Moa is paying close attention to Maria Montazami at the Vecko Revyn Blog Awards ceremony.

All in one lifetime

All in one lifetime: member of the Teamsters and the Swedish Journalists' Union. Oh, and one time I bought Claire Danes a bourbon and Coke. And I ran for senate in Kentucky. And this other time I was a newspaper photographer in a film that was nominated for Best Picture. Oh I almost forgot about the time Annika Norlin looked at me. Wait, did I mention that I saw Steve Jobs in 2003 and his assistant stopped me from showing him my Apple tattoo? Right. That. All in one lifetime. And I played over 100 shows in Europe with my band. Yep. And when I was a kid I met Robert Crippen, commander of the first Space Shuttle flight. And Mr T. And I saw Nirvana in concert. And Liberace. And Jerry Lee Lewis five times. And Johnny Cash twice. Yeah, so the point is, I'm in the Swedish Journalists' Union now.

Life take unexpected turns. I’m now a member of the Swedish Journalists’ Union.

21 September 2012

The Young Publisher

The young publisher in his pre-K Composite years.

An archival photo of the young publisher in his pre-K Composite years.

9 September 2012