The Sky

The sky is a monster of gases that blankets the planet and protects us from the harsh nothingness of...
23 August 2009

Thirty and forty years ago

Maybe you’ve heard something about this: A few decades ago, America could do anything. Liberate Europe from the Nazis?...
20 July 2009

More pictures of the sky

May 31, 12:31 am May 24, 6:48 pm (two photos stitched together) June 3, 9:56 pm June 3, 9:56...
4 July 2009

It’s beginning!

Long days where the sun never goes down are the type of thing that you just don’t believe until...
23 April 2009


Me with Friday’s sunset out my bedroom window.
20 March 2009

The sun

The sun. It is the closest star to earth, that’s why it seems so bright, but it is really...

Night views in Haninge

Night view of a frozen park and forest seen from Iida and Erik’s kitchen window. They live on the...
23 February 2009