Swedish massage

Swedish massage @jowestling / fotograf av @iida_h

This isn’t what I expected when I asked for a Swedish massage.

20 February 2013




1 February 2013



Harvey Milk meets havremjölk

30 November 2012

Caption this photo

1: Shit. Do all of these have alarm tags on them? // 2: Why are we leaving notes for criminals on specific items? Everybody knows you might get caught if you steal things, so does this sticker mean "run faster because they're gonna know you took something"? // 3: Why are razor blades so damn expensive in the first place? Yeah, I know the Gillette story - give away the razors and make your money on the blades - but this is worse than printer ink. // 4: I'm not gonna buy these, I mean the last think I want is another alarm going off in the morning. // 5: I'd like to speak with the manager, please. I tried to steal this memory card which was clearly not labeled as having an alarm tag, then the sirens went off and I had to act like I was just looking at those shitty wreaths and i didn't realize I was so close to the door.

Here’s a huge bin of razor blades at the Clas Ohlson store and they’ve all been labeled so you know they’ll set off the alarm if you steal them.


Vacation shirts and blå kille-magnet mössa #vacationshirt #blåmössa

Taking a break in the studio

17 November 2012



No more new features!

6 November 2012

The Wig Party

Enjoying Helena’s wig party with Iida. How ya like them chops?
27 October 2012

Tough Choice

Tough choice. Would I write-in Francis Buxton or Larry "Bud" Melman?

Tough choice. Would I write-in Francis Buxton or Larry “Bud” Melman?

8 October 2012

Act Princessy

"Kom igen, Madge. Keep it together. Act princessy. Ten more minutes."

“Kom igen, Madge. Keep it together. Act princessy. Ten more minutes.”

19 September 2012

That’s better.

"You know what would make this 300-year old church look better? My bullshit graffiti. There, that's better."

Some jackass thinks a church in historic Visby would look better with some unreadable scribbles on it.

29 July 2012

Kodak v. Duckface


The amazing story of how Kodak invented digital photography and how the duck face ruined it.

…including how Kodak’s invention slowly ate them alive.

18 June 2012

Mid-April Surprise


Mid-April snow. I’m ready for spring, if it every comes.

14 April 2012

Historic A-hole August Strindberg


August Strindberg’s work as a playwright was so groundbreaking that it made him one of Sweden’s most famous anti-Semites and male chavinist pigs.

22 April 2011


Over the weekend, Comedy Central began blocking online viewing of videos on their website for anyone outside the United...
5 May 2009