Panorama outside Ljushuset

The Ljushuset store (“Light House”) on Mäster Samuelsgatan lights up a rainy day in Stockholm. Click the image for a larger view.  

My “First Time”

In July, I was featured in The Courier-Journal, the daily newspaper in Louisville, Kentucky. For their “First Time” segment, the paper asks notable Louisvillians to reflect back on an important moment in their life when something[…]

Comic Sans in Greek

I thought I could go a whole week without seeing Comic Sans, but nope, there’s a version of it in the Greek alphabet.

Time Capsule

I just found this while moving stuff. Absolutely no idea what’s in it. It was in the bottom of the bag I brought to Sweden in February 2009, so it’s at least four years old. Updates to follow!

Good night

God natt alla glada manniskör. Vi ses på fredag, och grattis på den.