Episode 15: The Passion of the John

Episode number FIFTEEN gets a well-deserved touch of Scott’s organ, and we find out that Karin has been to a classical concert titled The Passion of the John. We’re still not sure whether it was[…]

Episode 14: Crappy New Year

Welcome to what is quite possibly our best episode of the year! Err… We mean, the best episode of the year so far, obviously. 2015 has got off to a good start, with the Snugglers[…]

Episode 13: Single Bells

It’s finally here: the festive episode you’ve all been waiting for! While the prosecco is flowing, Scott gets treated to a couple of English Christmas favo/u/rites: mince pies and Christmas crackers. Also don’t miss our very unique interpretation[…]

Episode 12: The Engagement

After Snuggling with the Enemy’s victorious return two weeks ago, we went all out and celebrated with perhaps just a little bit too much Knob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon… and in the elated commotion that arose, we decided to get[…]

Episode 11: Snuggling’s back alright!

After nearly four months of podcast abstinence, Scott and Karin are BACK in the studio on Sveavägen, and boy do we have lots of stuff and things to talk about! A LOT has happened since our[…]

Episode 10: Presidential Surprise

This week’s program opens with a discussion of Karin’s necklace which contains a tiny, little clock. The conversation quickly turns to the world’s most famous clock wearer, Flavor Flav of Public Enemy. Scott is upset[…]

Episode 9: The Best Things In Life Are Expensive

Having survived the Swedish midsummer zombie apocalypse, Scott and Karin are finally back in the recording studio after a 2-week hiatus. They get straight into discussing how most things in Sweden are extremely expensive, from getting your keys[…]