Episode 8: Free Booze and Naked Animals

In the eighth episode, Karin reveals having spent an entire evening enjoying free booze while looking at pictures of naked animals. Disgusting! We also find out why Scott hasn’t sorted out the sound clips he promised[…]

Episode 7: Snuggling with Rachel Matchett

Meet Rachel Matchett, the first ever guest on our new feature called Enemy of the Week! Rachel stands about 3 apples tall, has the body of a 16-year-old, and can hold her liquor better than[…]

Episode 6: Held Up By the Stockholm Marathon

On their way to the recording studio, Scott and Karin are surprised to see that their route is blocked by tens of thousands of people running in the Stockholm Marathon. By the time we finally are able[…]

Episode 5: Karin Plays the Recorder

The fifth episode offers an aural treat in the form of a descant recorder played by our very own Karin! The intro theme song gets a jazzed-up baroque interpretation and England’s theme tune, Country Gardens, is treated to a[…]

Episode 4: Double-spaced Bananas

Scott and Karin announce the launch of www.snuggling.se and make some corrections from last week: they apologise to The Hört, to a couple of cats and to all the people of China. Karin finally keeps[…]

Episode 3: The Licorice Episode

In the third episode, the podcast gets a brand new introduction from Kevin the Charismatic South Carolina Presenter and officially changes its name to Snuggling with the Enemy. Scott and Karin dissect topics ranging from[…]

Episode 2: Bad Parenting Darby Spectacular

This week Scott and Karin discuss the joys of watching horses die at the Kentucky Derby, bad parenting, how they sometimes dress the same (in Scott’s opinion) and, of course, heroin. The episode features mint juleps,[…]