Street scenes

It’s another installment of pictures of regular, everyday things how they look in Sweden. This time it’s stuff on the street.

Garbage can.

Illegally-parked Corvette. Amazing. People who drive these things are jerks all over the world. What’s the Swedish word for asshole?

An old Volvo limousine.

Volvo emergency response vehicle.

Saab police car.

Police tape. Avspärrat means “closed.”

Police tape.

Tiny delivery truck from “The Chocolate Factory.”

Telephone manhole.

Water manhole.

Street sign. This street is called “Farthest-out Crossways Alley” or something like that.

The Postal Museum is at the corner of “Little New Street” and “Axe-Maker Alley.” I don’t know if that’s what Yxsmedsgrän really means, but it sounds cool, right? Anybody who has an actual translation, please feel free to let me know.

Crosswalk buttons with bike lanes and street lights in the background.

6 thoughts on “Street scenes

  1. Asshole = “idiot” or “skitstövel” (which translates back as “shit boot” which is pretty lame, and thus in line with the other swedish insults/curses)
    Yxsmedsgränd = “Axe smith’s alley”

  2. The norwegian term “Drittsekk” is so much better than skitstövel. Drittsekk means “shit bag”. Norwegians are thrifty enough never to waste a boot on shit.

    I tried to buy a corvette once but my Penis was too large ;-)

    Having said that the 09’s are pretty sweet to drive.

  3. Odd, that corvette actually looks like it has U.S. license plates on it!

    @Julie – I had to laugh that you want to see grocery store photos. The first time I visited Sweden (in 2006), my Swedish friend took me to the grocery store and we spent TWO hours photographing food and other grocery items-lol

  4. Ha ha ha, that’s funny Kelly :-D I love seeing pics of Swedish supermarkets-they have so much more stuff than here in the UK. Can’t wait til I move over there next year!!
    I can’t wait for another post on this blog….only one in December…aw :-(

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