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Author: Scott Ritcher (page 2 of 23)

Christmas... do we really have to do this EVERY year?
8 December 2018
If you’re wearing long pants, you should also be wearing socks. It’s that simple.
27 November 2018
Every time I eat cheese doodles it reminds me that I don’t really like cheese doodles that much.
27 November 2018

“I like beer”

Thank you, Brett Kavanaugh, for ruining one of my favorite Tom T. Hall songs.

I saw First Man tonight, really loud and large in a Stockholm cinema. Holy fucking shit. It is beautiful.
13 October 2018
Keep on asking me, LinkedIn. I will never download your app. I will dismiss your pop up a thousand more times more. You will never break me.
11 October 2018
The world is getting increasingly more annoying at an alarming rate.
2 October 2018
What ever happened to helping people and being kind?
1 October 2018
Is it just my magnetic personality or is there some other reason Bluetooth keeps cutting out when the speaker is right next to the computer?
30 September 2018
Election night in Sweden reminds me of this one night a couple years ago when it was inevitable that a super-qualified woman was going to become president of the United States.
9 September 2018
På väg att förtidsrösta!
5 September 2018

The most popular song I ever sang

Despite my dozens of records, the most popular song I ever sang is surprisingly this Swedish TV commercial which just passed a million views on YouTube.

It features Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafson lifting a person and me doing some moves inspired by the King.

I never would have predicted I’d spend so much of my adult life identifying which photos show traffic lights and store fronts.
1 September 2018
I’m really not sure what I was doing with my life before I found out about Yamachan and Terrace House.
29 August 2018
My 1996 book Slamdek A to Z is now available in the iBookstore for iPad, iPhone and Mac. It's all about when I ran an indie label in Louisville from 1986 to 1995.
30 July 2018
I just saw a kid screaming and crying because its dad wouldn’t let it walk in the bicycle lane. Ya gotta let go and accept some things or you’re in for a tough life, kiddo. I never walk in the bicycle lane and you don’t see me throwing a fit.
8 July 2018

“Do we really want to change America into Sweden?”

“Do we really want to change America into Sweden?” –Bill O’Reilly

Seriously, how much longer until there’s an asterisk next to Trump’s name in the history books? I mean, Wikipedia.
7 July 2018

Happy 4th of July

I’m proud* to be an American*
Where at least I know I’m free*
I won’t* forget the men* who died
Who gave that right to me*

And I’d gladly* stand up next to you*
And defend her still today*
‘Cause there ain’t* no doubt I love this land
God* bless the USA.

*=some restrictions apply

What’s the hold up on that pee pee tape?
1 July 2018


“Unterhaltung” is apparently the German word for “bad design and blonde chicks”

When the sun shines, we shine together.
17 May 2018
I just saw a grown man wearing white pants.
16 May 2018

Fuckin bloggers!


”My new shit just dropped!” -Karl Marx

”My new shit just dropped!” -Karl Marx

Some people are really good at basketball.
16 May 2018
FoxNews should change their slogan from “Fair and balanced” to “Constitutional fan fiction”
16 May 2018

“Hi, I’m Martin Luther, I’ll be your server today.”

“Hi, I’m Martin Luther, I’ll be your server today.”

It’s a beautiful day to relax in the park with a curl up with a good iPhone.
16 May 2018

I just witnessed the birth of a beautiful new peanut!

I just witnessed the birth of a beautiful new peanut! So heartwarming.