You know those people who wear a big top hat that has biplane goggles on it – what’s that all about?
Where can I get these chill pills everyone keeps recommending I take?
I have read lots of books and articles about Apple and Steve Jobs. I don’t recall any of the main characters ever using these words: value proposition, agile, ideate, customer journey, external validation, disruption, entrepreneur, deliverables, human capital.
Despite my decades of experience washing dishes, my damage and loss rates are still too high.
If you’re wearing long pants, you should also be wearing socks. It’s that simple.
Every time I eat cheese doodles it reminds me that I don’t really like cheese doodles that much.
I saw First Man tonight, really loud and large in a Stockholm cinema. Holy fucking shit. It is beautiful.
Keep on asking me, LinkedIn. I will never download your app. I will dismiss your pop up a thousand more times more. You will never break me.
The world is getting increasingly more annoying at an alarming rate.
Is it just my magnetic personality or is there some other reason Bluetooth keeps cutting out when the speaker is right next to the computer?
Election night in Sweden reminds me of this one night a couple years ago when it was inevitable that a super-qualified woman was going to become president of the United States.
I never would have predicted I’d spend so much of my adult life identifying which photos show traffic lights and store fronts.
I’m really not sure what I was doing with my life before I found out about Yamachan and Terrace House.
I just saw a kid screaming and crying because its dad wouldn’t let it walk in the bicycle lane. Ya gotta let go and accept some things or you’re in for a tough life, kiddo. I never walk in the bicycle lane and you don’t see me throwing a fit.
Seriously, how much longer until there’s an asterisk next to Trump’s name in the history books? I mean, Wikipedia.