Beer and sharks


Here is an awesome Sharpie tattoo of a shark that my friend Iida drew on my arm last night.

We were at a show of the band Fucked Up, who I had never heard before. I was surprised, not just because I enjoyed them, but also because they kept my attention through their whole set.

While I was at the bar getting a drink, I took a second to snap a photo of the beer menu for you.

Swedish kronors are about 6 to one US dollar, so as you can see, the cheapest beer is about eight bucks. That’s the “fatöl” (tap beer) Carlsberg, the Danish equivalent of Miller or Bud as far as its ubiquity.

The other beers are all in bottles (“flasköl”) and a good one like Brooklyn Lager is about $10 US.

The show was at the club Debaser Slussen and their prices are pretty much the regular prices around Stockholm, give or take a couple kronors.