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Louisville Water Company meter cover

Louisville Water Company meter cover

Louisville Gas & Electric

Louisville Gas & Electric iron manhole cover (detail)

Beavis Christmas Ornament

The Beavis Christmas ornament is once again displayed on my brother’s tree. Butt-Head unfortunately fell to his death and shattered on the wooden floor.

My mom loves Swedish glögg!

Okay, mom. That’s enough glögg for this year.

Some of this year’s Blossa Glögg accidentally found its way to Louisville in my checked baggage. Here’s my mom drinking it in the Most Useful Conversions mug.

Knob Creek Smoked Maple

Knob Creek Smoked Maple bourbon tastes like pancakes. Amazing, delicious, 45% alcohol-saturated pancakes.

If you haven’t read about when I met Fred Noe of Jim Beam, that fun story is right here.

Highlands Sirens

Sarah, Megan and Maya – The Highlands Sirens


Joel is dusting nutmeg upon the season’s delightful egg nog.

Li’l Goober

Jasmine in her new shop Old Souls Vintage on Bardstown Road in the Highlands.

Avsluta, logga ut, stäng av

Taco Night Ends in Disaster

RIP me. The first victim of Taco Night!

Tacos: 1
Me: 0


Belgian beer

Taking pictures is hard!

If I line up the windows then the lamp isn’t centered and if I line up the lamp then the windows aren’t right. DAMMIT!

Reese’s Crispy Crunchy

I hope you enjoyed your life of being crispy and crunchy because those days are over. Prepare to die!

RIP Reese’s Crispy Crunchy. Let this be a warning to all the other chocolate on my kitchen shelf.


True love. (15 seconds before she was claws-deep in my chin)

Fika with Catface

Fika with Karin “Catface” Nilsson. Read her K Composite interview here!

Half-stack Refrigerator

Unfortunately, the refrigerator space in my kitchen is 2 cm too narrow for this one. Looks like I’m gonna have to find another apartment.

K Composite Halloween 2013

Duckface Disco stuffing goodie bags while Junebug picks the music.

A cassette single by Ben Purdom was included in the goodie bag. I designed the cover and it was released on Iida’s label, Purslane Records.

Iida “Junebug” Hellström and Therese “Disco” Lundell

RIP Commander Tower and Pussy Riot.

And then there’s me.

Orange juice in a coffee cup?

Orange juice in a coffee cup?? Whaaaaat???! Y B N0RM4L?! Things are gettin crazy here!

What’s it like in the big house, Mickey?

I just stopped in the middle of shaving off my beard when I suddenly saw that the man in the mirror was Mickey from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.



F this place!

Rainy night in Malmö

Swedish autumn by train

Swedish autumn by train

The management at my job is really cracking down.

In response to a recent drop in productivity, the management has posted this new policy. “Please, no twerking.”


It’s cinnamon bun day in Sweden!

James Blake at Berns

Beethoven in the balcony waiting for James Blake to start. “I hope it’s loud. My hearing has been shit since the 1820s.”

There he is

There he is.


One of Stockholm’s filthy, disgusting, dangerous subway stations.

My Old Kentucky Home


Fuh-kin grooosss!

Fuh-kin grooosss!