Cherry blossoms at Kungsträdgården

Here are a few scenes of cherry blossoms in bloom at Kungsträdgården (the King’s Tree Garden), a long open plaza lined with trees in central Stockholm.

The garden dates back to the 1400’s and although it has been modified for private purposes over the centuries, it is now a public space about a quarter-mile in length. It hosts ice skating in the winter, concerts in the summer, and is dotted with fountains, restaurants, and outdoor cafés.

Here’s a satellite view of it so you can get an idea of how far the rows of trees stretch through the city.

This reeeeal old timey image is how it looked in 1716. Seems like just yesterday. There is now a TGIFriday’s at the north end, where all those people are standing in the front of the picture. That’s just America’s way of giving the place a little class. You’re welcome, Sweden.