iPhone and iPod Touch icons

Over the weekend, I made custom iPhone icons for several of my websites. You can see them in the top row of icons in this screenshot from my iPhone.

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch and you add one of my sites to your home screen bookmarks (using the + symbol in Safari), it will appear with a custom icon on your home screen. You may have to shorten the page titles when you add them, like I did here, so they appear nicely in the limited space under the icons.

One nice feature of this is that I can change or update the icons at any time. When you visit the site again the icon on your iPhone will update automatically.

Here are the links:

iPhone-formatted live headlines from News N Shit (www.newsnshit.com/iphone)

News N Shit’s regular site (www.newsnshit.com)

K Composite Magazine (www.kcomposite.com)

The Metroschifter (www.metroschifter.com)

Sweden Dot K Composite (sweden.kcomposite.com)

Louisville History Timeline (www.louisville.cc)