Kristofer Åström

I went to see Kristofer Åström again Wednesday night. This show was in the bar at Södrateatern, which is a beautiful old building that is kind of like a mall of performance venues. I believe there are four different concert spaces in the complex as well as several bars and a huge outdoor patio that overlooks the city.

Although our spell of gorgeous weather has taken a break to make way for some April showers, the views are still quite nice.

Here is the view looking toward Gamla Stan from one of the rooms at Södra Bar. This room has floor-to-ceiling windows all around but most of the rest of the bar could double for a classical ballroom, with arched windows, chandeliers, and gold leafing.

You can kind of see some of that in the photos of the performance, which was superb, but this link to the Södra Bar website shows the room much better.

This was a record-release party for his new album and the admission was free of charge. It was loud but not oppressive; a really perfect mix that you could feel. I ran into Matthias and Anna, who I had met at the A Camp show on Monday, and had the opportunity to chat with them for a while. We were treated to a long set that started off with a lot of new songs, presumably from the new record, then some of the older, familiar material. Again, fantastic.