Let’s just call this one Wallpaper and Carpet

This unassuming structure, askew on a corner lot – a little bit too close to the road – is full of surprises.

It’s the house on the corner. The one right by the road.

As I write this, the bidding is around $70,000 US (600,000 SEK) and I hope whoever buys it has as much of an appreciation for its time capsule nature as I do.

It would be a true shame if the new owners “update” the interior. What I mean by that is it would be a shame if someone ruins this by making it nice.

Located in Bromölla, a town of about 8,000 friendly Swedes by the Ivösjön lake, it’s a stone’s throw from the southern coast of Sweden and an 80-minute drive to Malmö.

Let’s have a look at this listing that we’ll call, um… let’s just call this one Wallpaper and Carpet.

Here’s the original listing on Fastighetsbyrån’s site.

The quiet before the storm.
Get that Sunday morning feeling every day.
Okay, now something’s happening.
Yes! Wait, what’s going on with that wood-paneled half wall between the rooms?
Oh, I get it.
Those tiles! That linoleum!
Let’s take a peek upstairs. Oh boy. More goodies.
Now we’re talkin’.
Don’t be distracted by the carpet around the toilet. Watch your head when you sit down.

I hate to end on that photo, but I didn’t want you to barf in your mouth before we got to the end.