No more babies on airplanes

Am I cursed?

Apparently someone at Norwegian Airlines read my last article about how I think babies should not be allowed on airplanes. (See The 18 & Over Airline)

And apparently that person has a different opinion, is in charge of seating and is trying to make a point.

I just got off a flight from Berlin to Stockholm. This is not a long flight – only about 90 minutes – but if you are seated next to a baby, in front of a baby, and across the aisle from a baby, the flight seems like an eternity.

The parents were almost as bad as the babies. If I wasn’t being grabbed or touched or spit on by the baby next to me, and if the back of my seat wasn’t being kicked by the baby behind me, and if neither one of them happened to be shrieking bloody fucking murder at the top of their lungs, then it was the parents who were bouncing the seats or relentlessly baby talking without a breath.

I have fucking had it with this shit. NO MORE BABIES ON AIRPLANES! Period.

What the fuck is so important that a baby has to do in another city or country?

Hire someone to take care of your baby, or use a form of transportation that does not put your screaming fucking monster in a small place with lots of people who don’t deserve the abuse of your life.

Or better yet, stay home and take care of your baby. Seriously.

Babies do not need to travel and babies do not need to eat in restaurants.

I could go on, but I hope you understand the point by now.