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Evanston, Illinois

Coffee with Greta and Brian who were coincidentally in the process of moving to Louisville after many years in Evanston, Illinois. They were staying in a hotel.

Greta and Brian with all their stuff in storage, shortly before they dropped me off at the O’Hare airport.

On the runway

In the months leading up to my departure for Sweden, I had a countdown clock running on my iPhone. It was counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until I left. I took this screenshot of it as I was sitting in the plane on the runway in Chicago. This was right when they were asking everyone to turn all their shit off.

At the time, I was really sad. I had just said good-bye to my sister and I was thinking about how much I was going to be missing my friends. As I’m posting this photo about six weeks later, all I notice about it is the AT&T service in the top corner and how much I miss unlimited data plan on the iPhone. Of course, I miss everyone a lot, but I can’t think about it too much.

This image also reminds me of how I searched the O’Hare Airport for a burrito while I was waiting for my flight. I knew from previous visits to Sweden (and Europe in general) that Mexican food is either nonexistent or a pale imitation, so I wanted to have one last feast. My search for a burrito was fruitless. I ended up having a deep-dish pizza and a local Chicagoan dark microbrew. Worked out great.


Photo booth fun with Mary Regal at the Rainbo Club in Chicago the night before leaving America.

Grinstead Drive

Cleaning out the apartment in Louisville was delayed almost a week by a crazy ice storm and a lack of electricity in most of the city.

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