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People just love looking at their phones! I guess I do too. It’s fun!
16 May 2018
Were there no sunny days during World War II? I’m in Berlin right now and it’s gorgeous.
14 May 2018
We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky.
8 May 2018
So awesome to get multiple push notifications about who won the Kentucky Derby while I’m waiting for the live stream on the goddamn NBCSports website to “initialize.”
5 May 2018

Episode 24: It’s Never Too Early

Karin and Scott talk about job changes, Scott’s new apartment/flat (again), Scott’s foray into the bourbon business, and the mailman brings audio postcards from Karin’s trips to Crete and Scotland.



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Here are a few photos from a tiny street called Pustegränd on the island of Södermalm in central Stockholm.

The street is just a couple blocks long and is about 130 meters in length (425 feet). A large portion of that distance is made up of steep stairs that connect the higher elevation of the island to the streets near the water.

This short video from Apple Maps shows where is Pustegränd is located in Stockholm.

Here is a link to the street on Google Maps.

Episode 23: Alternative facts and booze-loving babies

Scott spent his Christmas holidays/vacation in – where else? – America. But just how much did he have to drink? Judging by his audio postcard from a New Orleans bar it seems he was 80 per cent/percent drunk. At least. Or so he says.

Karin, on the other hand, is terrible at math/s and doesn’t do percentage drunkenness. But at least she knows she was drunk enough to force her visiting Best Friend Beth™ make the first snow angel of her life. Audio proof provided.

And, did you know who really loves going to breweries and bars? Babies do! And Scott has the evidence.

It’s a brand new episode, live from sunny Bandhagen, where spring has sprung, the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing! (How’s that for an alternative fact?)


Episode 22: Don’t Get Your Knickers in a Twist

It’s the 10th December – which is not Lucia Day, nor is it Saint Nicholas’ Day or Karin’s birthday. It’s Nobel Day!

We speculate about the reasons why Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature this year. Our theory? The Swedish Chef on the Muppet Show most definitely has something to do with it.

And for all our dedicated fans who enjoyed our laundry room special, we return to air our – or, in fairness, Karin’s – dirty laundry in public.

That’s all for 2016. Merry frickin’ Christmas from your favo/u/rite Snuggling with the Enemy personalities!


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Summer Panoramas of Stockholm

Here are a couple recent panorama images of Stockholm taken on a gorgeous day, August 13, 2016, from Champagnebaren at Mosebacke on Södermalm.

Click the images to view them larger, then click again to see them at full resolution.



My Swedish television debut

As Karin and I discussed in Episode 21 of the Snuggling With the Enemy podcast, I recently made my Swedish acting debut in a television commercial.

The company is Boxer, a satellite TV provider, and their new product allows people to receive many channels regardless of where they are. Sweden, as you may know, is a huge and largely natural country, so getting cable TV in your camper or summer cottage is sometimes not possible.

One might think you should just relax with your family and friends instead of traveling to the countryside to watch television.

My only spoken line in the spot is, “I husvagnen också?” which means, “In the camper, too?” To which Boxer’s recurring character Robert – a man with a large creepy, digitally-animated head – replies, “Absolutely.”

Check it out below!

Episode 21: Swedish is Disgusting


Swedish is a beautiful language. That is, as long as you just listen to the Swedish Chef on The Muppet Show. But when you start dissecting what it is those Swedelings are actually saying, it turns out to be DISGUSTING.

Find out the true story behind words like “infart,” “kock,” “puss” and “Titti” as Scott and Karin get together in their Bandhagen studio to record a new podcast episode… in the company of an entire box of rosé. You’ll also find out everything you never wanted to know about Karin’s new job, Scott’s acting career, and shopping at Willy’s.

We know you’ve waited a long, long time, but here it is now. An extra-long episode for all you Snugglers!


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Episode 20: Life Companion


Want to improve your chances of finding love through online dating? And who (or what) exactly is Karin’s new life companion?

Find out in the second-anniversary episode of Snuggling with the Enemy, in which we talk about the Dos and Don’ts of Tinder!

Welcome to episode number 20 of Snuggling with the Enemy!


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Episode 19: Knowing Me, Knowing You (Season 3 Premiere)

One whole year since recording our last full episode, Snuggling with the Enemy returns to the podwaves for a brand new season of podcast funtimes.

Find out what really went down in Farsta, what happened to the first-hand contract, and what the Snugglers have been up to in the past year!

Season 3 opens with the usual, ridiculous laugh track and references most people will never get, submerged, as always, in a pool of otherworldly sound effects. Oh, and of course, we pay tribute to Sweden’s pride and joy: ABBA.




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Episode 18: The Lost Episode

From the depths of the archive vaults deep down in the Stockholm suburb of Farsta come the ultimate Snuggling with the Enemy outtakes: It’s THE LOST EPISODE!

For your aural pleasure, we present a WHOLE THIRD of an episode consisiting of Scott & Karin airing their DIRTY LAUNDRY in public – NOT excluding their DIRTY UNDERPANTS!

Also on The Lost Episode: Communal laundry rooms and launderettes/laundromats! Overly tight trousers/pants! Karin’s Best Friend Beth™! We finally settle correct – and incorrect – pronunciations of the word bourbon! And… that’s it, really.



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Flashback 4th of July


Flashback 4th of July in Middletown, Kentucky. That’s me on the left with Talking Baby Beans.

Tack för den här tiden

Tack för fem(-ish) fantastiska år på Bonnier Tidskrifter.

The Carjoela Wedding

My associates Alicia Cavender, Chris Reinstatler, Carla Wettig and I, at Carla’s wedding to former teen model Joel Jacob in Louisville.

Rooftop sweating and drinking in steamy Louavull.

The Ritcher family

A family reunion and some Mexican food in Louisville.


I’m on a boat, as they say.


I’m taking some notes.

I’m taking some notes by the water in Stockholm with a couple souvenir writing instruments from my hometown.

The Right Stuff

A screenshot from the 1983 film The Right Stuff.


Ehrmagerd! Yerdgerber!

Strawberries are growing on the window sill in Farsta


Episode 17: Not Safe For Work

With the Snugglers now being flatmates/roommates – although, just to clarify, we do NOT share a room – last night we enjoyed a lovely dinner together. What we had to eat? Baguettes, pasta, basil, and tomatoes. It goes without saying that a discussion arose on how to pronounce all of the aforementioned foodstuffs…

Like most of the Western world, Sweden has had its share of anglicisation. In fact, Swedes are so fond of the English language, they have incorporated English words into their own language in weird, wonderful and mysterious ways. On today’s episode, we discuss some very odd such Swenglish phrases, including: Fan, fuck, förlåt!, Yes box!, Crazy bananas! and Shit pommes frites!

Ever been made to feel uneasy due to colleagues at work having cringe-worthy conversations? Well, we bet it’s nothing compared to some of the things you’ll hear in Swedish workplaces – which Scott will attest to, having recently been made to listen to a very open-minded discussion at work about “feminine hygiene” products.

Also on this week’s episode: Friday coffee! Typing class anecdotes! Gordon Ramsay! Swearing in Swedish and English!

Duration: 32 minutes

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Málaga from the air

I spent a few days in the mountains near Málaga, Spain, helping my friend Moa Junström with some music for a film she is working on. I snapped this photo of the beautiful countryside from the airplane.

Episode 16: Welcome to the suburb!


Welcome to the very first Snuggling episode recorded in the brand new Snuggling HQ podcast studio!

But first things first: We are so, SO sorry we’ve been away for SO long! The simple explanation for our absence from the podwaves is that we recently moved in together in the beautiful Stockholm suburb of Farsta. In other words, we’ve been very busy moving all our stuff, familiarising ourselves with the redneck-handkerchief-loving locals and, most importantly, setting up our brand new recording studio!

In episode number 16 we catch up on what’s happened in the past month or so, and explain our extreme luck in having landed a förstahandskontrakt – a first-hand contract for our flat/apartment. It basically means we could live in it for the rest of our lives, should we want to! We discuss the ludicrousness of communicating with the person sitting right next to you via email, and dissect the difference between being manic and just being happy – FOR ONCE.

Also, don’t miss: Fingernail clippings in Dunkin’ Donuts! 1950s pantries! Special offers! Mobiles, cell phones and Handys! Slobber and dribble! Plus all the usual sound effects and fights over which pronunciation is better – American or British.

Duration: 31 minutes


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Scott vs. Swedish Winter


Episode 15: The Passion of the John

SALAMIFESTEpisode number FIFTEEN gets a well-deserved touch of Scott’s organ, and we find out that Karin has been to a classical concert titled The Passion of the John. We’re still not sure whether it was about toilets or about a man who was keen on prositutes.

We get a LIVE REPORT from Sweden’s pride and joy: flat-pack furniture giant IKEA. According to Scott, going to IKEA together is a death sentence for people who like each other, because they always end up having big arguments. Lucky for us then that we’re only enemies and not a couple! Well, apart from being a couple of nutjobs.

Also on this week’s show: Snuggling with the Enemy is moving to the suburbs! The origin of the phrase the most shit that is sucking that I am hating! Redneck handkerchiefs! Manspreading! Other stupid things men (and women?) do on the metro/subway/underground/tunnelbana! And last but not least: the return of our feature Enemy of the Week!

Right, that is all we have to offer you for now! Catch y’all later – we’re off to the SALAMIFEST down the road at ICA Sveavägen.

Duration: 33 minutes



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Episode 14: Crappy New Year

Snuggling with the bubbly.

Snuggling with the bubbly.

Welcome to what is quite possibly our best episode of the year! Err… We mean, the best episode of the year so far, obviously.

2015 has got off to a good start, with the Snugglers recording a brand new version of ABBA’s Happy New Year. And we also ended up giving relationship advice (yes, really) to some kid we met at a New Year’s party. Oh the irony…

Also on our first episode of the year: An audio postcard from Athens, Greece! A live report from one of Karin’s walks in the forest! More sound effects than most people get through in a lifetime!

Plus, has Karin really started imitating Scott’s American accent? Did her family really go to church DRUNK on Christmas Eve? And what is the actual difference between a hound and a dog? Find out in this New Year’s extravaganza of an episode!

Duration: 33 minutes

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Episode 13: Single Bells

Christmas Crackers!

It’s finally here: the festive episode you’ve all been waiting for! While the prosecco is flowing, Scott gets treated to a couple of English Christmas favo/u/rites: mince pies and Christmas crackers. Also don’t miss our very unique interpretation of Jingle Bells, recorded live during a Snuggling jam session.

And just to clarify once and for all: we are NOT getting married. Although just to confuse things, we did actually date for almost an entire week after our last episode. But then we broke up. And we’re NOT dating anymore. Nor are we engaged.


Also on this week’s show: how Scott nearly got a new flat/apartment, Flashdance: The Musical in Swedish, Christmas cracker riddles, Michelle from American Pie, and an exhausting walk in the forest. Plus, as an added bonus, Karin plays the flute on the theme song as well as on all the jingles. O Christmas Treat!

Duration: 33 minutes

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