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Panorama of Hötorget


Panorama photo of a Saturday afternoon in January from the steps of the Stockholm Concert House at Hötorget. Click it for an enlarged view.



K Composite cover shoot


Photographer Emily Dahl itick capturing my former co-workers Niclas Blixt Madison and Fredrik Vindelälv who interview each other in the upcoming 25th issue of K Composite.

Blue skies and January sunshine


Video: Jerry Lee Lewis ripping it up with a beard in 1972!

Jerry Lee Lewis ripping it up with a beard on the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1972.

Travel Highlights

A clock in the terminal at the Frankfurt airport.

I was delayed 13 hours on my way back to Stockholm after the holidays. I got the opportunity to sit on the runway in DC for two hours and to hang out inside the Frankfurt airport for ten hours.

A fancy sign from my arrival in Kentucky before the holidays.

Louisville Water Company meter cover

Louisville Water Company meter cover

Louisville Gas & Electric

Louisville Gas & Electric iron manhole cover (detail)

Beavis Christmas Ornament

The Beavis Christmas ornament is once again displayed on my brother’s tree. Butt-Head unfortunately fell to his death and shattered on the wooden floor.

My mom loves Swedish glögg!

Okay, mom. That’s enough glögg for this year.

Some of this year’s Blossa Glögg accidentally found its way to Louisville in my checked baggage. Here’s my mom drinking it in the Most Useful Conversions mug.

Knob Creek Smoked Maple

Knob Creek Smoked Maple bourbon tastes like pancakes. Amazing, delicious, 45% alcohol-saturated pancakes.

If you haven’t read about when I met Fred Noe of Jim Beam, that fun story is right here.

Highlands Sirens

Sarah, Megan and Maya – The Highlands Sirens


Joel is dusting nutmeg upon the season’s delightful egg nog.

Li’l Goober

Jasmine in her new shop Old Souls Vintage on Bardstown Road in the Highlands.

Avsluta, logga ut, stäng av

Taco Night Ends in Disaster

RIP me. The first victim of Taco Night!

Tacos: 1
Me: 0


Belgian beer

Taking pictures is hard!

If I line up the windows then the lamp isn’t centered and if I line up the lamp then the windows aren’t right. DAMMIT!

Reese’s Crispy Crunchy

I hope you enjoyed your life of being crispy and crunchy because those days are over. Prepare to die!

RIP Reese’s Crispy Crunchy. Let this be a warning to all the other chocolate on my kitchen shelf.


True love. (15 seconds before she was claws-deep in my chin)

Fika with Catface

Fika with Karin “Catface” Nilsson. Read her K Composite interview here!

American Celebration


With a bit of a spring in my step, I disembarked from the aircraft at Los Angeles International Airport.

As far as luggage goes, I traveled lightly, carrying only the essentials. I’d say the most important of these would be my favorite cardigan sweater, but I also carried with me – in the figurative sense – my hopes and positive expectations for the future.

Los Angeles is known as a mecca for excessive lifestyles and its many celebrities contribute to this reputation. For that reason, I had some concerns over whether or not I’d be able to adapt myself to the local culture.

I hailed a taxi outside the airport and while we were driving it struck me. “I am actually here!”

Having seen so much of the city in the movies and on television, I have to admit it was surreal to be a first-time visitor.

It became even more exciting when I looked out the passenger side window and saw the world-renown Hollywood sign sitting atop the hills.

I became overwhelmed with the sights. For a small-town girl like me, seeing everyone dressed in fancy clothes, it appeared that everyone I saw could indeed have been a celebrity.

The culture shock was suddenly too much and my stomach began folding over with anxiety.

I suddenly felt a longing for home and second-guessed the whole trip. The weight of my decision was weighing heavily upon me.

Amidst these uneasy feelings, the driver serendipitously turned on the radio. Relief swept over me as I heard the radio playing a song by one of my favorite artists, Jay-Z.

I found myself instantly dancing in the taxi! As I was waving my hands around in celebration with the music, the nervous anxiety I had simply vanished into the air.

I was moving my head as if to say “yes!” and shaking my hips. It was a positive experience after all. A true American celebration.

Later that evening, I took another taxi to a night club.

When I stepped out of the car, I noticed that the people there were looking at me with curiosity. I presume they were wondering why I was wearing cowboy boots. That was certainly a dead giveaway that I wasn’t one of the locals!

The club experience would have been much easier had I been surrounded by my best friends – we have a great group of girls back home – but this time I was on my own. I was deep in music and unfamiliar people who were markedly different than what I had grown accustomed to in Nashville.

For instance, in contrast to the variety of footwear one would see at that the parties I usually go to, most of the ladies this night were wearing high-heeled shoes. Apparently, no one had taken the time to inform me that this is a locally popular style before I headed out for the evening.

Again, I felt that sinking feeling in my stomach, coupled with a yearning for home.

However, just as before, music came to my rescue. The person picking out the records unpredictably played one of my most-loved tracks by Britney Spears. My hands, head and hips once more moved to the music.

When the song was over, I considered leaving for a third time – just taking a plane home and ending the entire journey for good.

But just as it has happened so many times before, music intervened and my spirits were lifted to the point where I decided to stick it out.

My hands, my head, my hips – they all become one with the music in an American celebration.

Half-stack Refrigerator

Unfortunately, the refrigerator space in my kitchen is 2 cm too narrow for this one. Looks like I’m gonna have to find another apartment.

K Composite Halloween 2013

Duckface Disco stuffing goodie bags while Junebug picks the music.

A cassette single by Ben Purdom was included in the goodie bag. I designed the cover and it was released on Iida’s label, Purslane Records.

Iida “Junebug” Hellström and Therese “Disco” Lundell

RIP Commander Tower and Pussy Riot.

And then there’s me.

Orange juice in a coffee cup?

Orange juice in a coffee cup?? Whaaaaat???! Y B N0RM4L?! Things are gettin crazy here!

What’s it like in the big house, Mickey?

I just stopped in the middle of shaving off my beard when I suddenly saw that the man in the mirror was Mickey from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.



F this place!

Rainy night in Malmö

Swedish autumn by train

Swedish autumn by train

The management at my job is really cracking down.

In response to a recent drop in productivity, the management has posted this new policy. “Please, no twerking.”