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Category: News

My Swedish television debut

As Karin and I discussed in Episode 21 of the Snuggling With the Enemy podcast, I recently made my Swedish acting debut in a television commercial.

The company is Boxer, a satellite TV provider, and their new product allows people to receive many channels regardless of where they are. Sweden, as you may know, is a huge and largely natural country, so getting cable TV in your camper or summer cottage is sometimes not possible.

One might think you should just relax with your family and friends instead of traveling to the countryside to watch television.

My only spoken line in the spot is, “I husvagnen också?” which means, “In the camper, too?” To which Boxer’s recurring character Robert – a man with a large creepy, digitally-animated head – replies, “Absolutely.”

Check it out below!

Snuggling Returns (on) the 15th of November!

After a long break, Scott and Karin will be back with a new episode!

Expect plenty of great sound effects as we discuss the summer and everything that has happened in the past few months.

As always, it will be available on iTunes and your favorite/favourite other places to get podcasts.

Socializing with the Enemy


We have done “it”. As in we’ve started snuggling with the REAL enemy: “social” media. As in, we’ve got ourselves a page on Fakeb…I mean, Farceb… I mean, Facebook. Find it here and hit “like”. Go on. We urge you. Get antisocial with us!