Episode 11: Snuggling’s back alright!

Scott Ritcher and Karin Nilsson

After nearly four months of podcast abstinence, Scott and Karin are BACK in the studio on Sveavägen, and boy do we have lots of stuff and things to talk about!

A LOT has happened since our last show. Karin has new hair, new glasses, a new coat, AND a brand new job – it’s like she’s an entirely new Karin!

Scott hasn’t really changed at all. (He somehow always seems to wear the same clothes?) On the other hand, he did go on a world tour, stopping in Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Göteborg, Louisville, Cincinnati and New York, where he took the opportunity to talk to some of our most dedicated listeners (thank you Pea, Mark and Alex).

Also on this week’s show: Bossing people around, codpieces, how Scott saved the roof of a Stockholm office building from a racist flag, rats in the streets, and The Snugglers’ take on a song by the Backstreet Boys!

We hope you have missed us! We sure as hell have missed hearing our own voices.

Duration: 30 minutes

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