Episode 13: Single Bells

Christmas Crackers!

It’s finally here: the festive episode you’ve all been waiting for! While the prosecco is flowing, Scott gets treated to a couple of English Christmas favo/u/rites: mince pies and Christmas crackers. Also don’t miss our very unique interpretation of Jingle Bells, recorded live during a Snuggling jam session.

And just to clarify once and for all: we are NOT getting married. Although just to confuse things, we did actually date for almost an entire week after our last episode. But then we broke up. And we’re NOT dating anymore. Nor are we engaged.


Also on this week’s show: how Scott nearly got a new flat/apartment, Flashdance: The Musical in Swedish, Christmas cracker riddles, Michelle from American Pie, and an exhausting walk in the forest. Plus, as an added bonus, Karin plays the flute on the theme song as well as on all the jingles. O Christmas Treat!

Duration: 33 minutes

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