Episode 14: Crappy New Year

Snuggling with the bubbly.
Snuggling with the bubbly.

Welcome to what is quite possibly our best episode of the year! Err… We mean, the best episode of the year so far, obviously.

2015 has got off to a good start, with the Snugglers recording a brand new version of ABBA’s Happy New Year. And we also ended up giving relationship advice (yes, really) to some kid we met at a New Year’s party. Oh the irony…

Also on our first episode of the year: An audio postcard from Athens, Greece! A live report from one of Karin’s walks in the forest! More sound effects than most people get through in a lifetime!

Plus, has Karin really started imitating Scott’s American accent? Did her family really go to church DRUNK on Christmas Eve? And what is the actual difference between a hound and a dog? Find out in this New Year’s extravaganza of an episode!

Duration: 33 minutes

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