Episode 16: Welcome to the suburb!


Welcome to the very first Snuggling episode recorded in the brand new Snuggling HQ podcast studio!

But first things first: We are so, SO sorry we’ve been away for SO long! The simple explanation for our absence from the podwaves is that we recently moved in together in the beautiful Stockholm suburb of Farsta. In other words, we’ve been very busy moving all our stuff, familiarising ourselves with the redneck-handkerchief-loving locals and, most importantly, setting up our brand new recording studio!

In episode number 16 we catch up on what’s happened in the past month or so, and explain our extreme luck in having landed a förstahandskontrakt – a first-hand contract for our flat/apartment. It basically means we could live in it for the rest of our lives, should we want to! We discuss the ludicrousness of communicating with the person sitting right next to you via email, and dissect the difference between being manic and just being happy – FOR ONCE.

Also, don’t miss: Fingernail clippings in Dunkin’ Donuts! 1950s pantries! Special offers! Mobiles, cell phones and Handys! Slobber and dribble! Plus all the usual sound effects and fights over which pronunciation is better – American or British.

Duration: 31 minutes


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