Episode 4: Double-spaced Bananas

Australian Banana Girl
The so-called Banana Girl.

Scott and Karin announce the launch of www.snuggling.se and make some corrections from last week: they apologise to The Hört, to a couple of cats and to all the people of China. Karin finally keeps her promise of being funnier on the show by telling a joke that Scott doesn’t get, and Scott returns to the topic of the pen from outer… Zzzzz.

They move on to discussing typewriters v. computers, and philosophize on the reasons why it’s become so difficult to get round to actually make notes in your note books. Also on the show: Double spaces after periods, The Australian Banana Girl, the bipolar weather of Stockholm, the ABBA Museum, why you should not treat Karin to peanut butter ice cream – and an extra special theme song for Sweden!



Duration: 30 minutes

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