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England, just say you want to come back. We can talk it out.
22 March 2019
The breakfast of champions: three Kroger brand Advils and a Bloody Mary.
16 March 2019
People believe all sorts of crazy shit.
8 March 2019
I’m so tired of the checkout clerk asking me if I’m stocking up for a party every time I do my normal grocery shopping.
4 March 2019
Whiskey bent and hell bound
15 February 2019
In most of the world, if you empathize with your captors they call it Stockholm Syndrome. Here in Stockholm they call it a weekday.
15 February 2019
Do we really have to do this every day? Do we really have to spend most of our days at work, just to get food and shelter and things that everybody needs? I understand if you want really good Mexican food sometimes like I do, then it's okay to work a few hours to get something special. If you want a car that can carry your whole family, then you can work for that. But if you just want to eat and sleep, it shouldn't take so much time to earn that. People should be doing better things with their days instead of content marketing and value proposition validation.
9 February 2019

Enough emojis already

This will bring the total number of official emojis to more than 3,000. I think that’s plenty and maybe it’s time to start describing how we feel with words again.

Link: 230 New Emojis in Final List for 2019

Email would be a lot less annoying and actually quite reasonable if we all removed our signatures and automatic quoting of the previous message. Both of those features have outlived their usefulness. I’m going to do it now. 
31 January 2019

“I like beer”

Thank you, Brett Kavanaugh, for ruining one of my favorite Tom T. Hall songs.

Happy 4th of July

I’m proud* to be an American*
Where at least I know I’m free*
I won’t* forget the men* who died
Who gave that right to me*

And I’d gladly* stand up next to you*
And defend her still today*
‘Cause there ain’t* no doubt I love this land
God* bless the USA.

*=some restrictions apply


“Unterhaltung” is apparently the German word for “bad design and blonde chicks”

”My new shit just dropped!” -Karl Marx

”My new shit just dropped!” -Karl Marx

“Hi, I’m Martin Luther, I’ll be your server today.”

“Hi, I’m Martin Luther, I’ll be your server today.”

I just witnessed the birth of a beautiful new peanut!

I just witnessed the birth of a beautiful new peanut! So heartwarming.


Here are a few photos from a tiny street called Pustegränd on the island of Södermalm in central Stockholm.

The street is just a couple blocks long and is about 130 meters in length (425 feet). A large portion of that distance is made up of steep stairs that connect the higher elevation of the island to the streets near the water.

This short video from Apple Maps shows where is Pustegränd is located in Stockholm.

Here is a link to the street on Google Maps.

Finally! A toothpaste for ME!

I’m a sucker for ridiculous marketing and all sorts of cross-branding, so imagine my delight when I saw that Pepsodent has come out with a men’s toothpaste. I’m sold.


Panorama outside Ljushuset

The Ljushuset store (“Light House”) on Mäster Samuelsgatan lights up a rainy day in Stockholm. Click the image for a larger view.



Maxi Grillen

The Maxi Grillen kiosk at Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm is a great place for late night food, as Anthony Bourdain knows.



20140212-100010.jpgThe Vegorulle is a vegetarian version of the Tunnbrödsrulle that Bourdain orders. It comes with a soy hot dog in the middle instead of meat.

Fresh snow



Travel Highlights

A clock in the terminal at the Frankfurt airport.

I was delayed 13 hours on my way back to Stockholm after the holidays. I got the opportunity to sit on the runway in DC for two hours and to hang out inside the Frankfurt airport for ten hours.

A fancy sign from my arrival in Kentucky before the holidays.

Louisville Water Company meter cover

Louisville Water Company meter cover

Louisville Gas & Electric

Louisville Gas & Electric iron manhole cover (detail)

Beavis Christmas Ornament

The Beavis Christmas ornament is once again displayed on my brother’s tree. Butt-Head unfortunately fell to his death and shattered on the wooden floor.

My mom loves Swedish glögg!

Okay, mom. That’s enough glögg for this year.

Some of this year’s Blossa Glögg accidentally found its way to Louisville in my checked baggage. Here’s my mom drinking it in the Most Useful Conversions mug.

Knob Creek Smoked Maple

Knob Creek Smoked Maple bourbon tastes like pancakes. Amazing, delicious, 45% alcohol-saturated pancakes.

If you haven’t read about when I met Fred Noe of Jim Beam, that fun story is right here.

Highlands Sirens

Sarah, Megan and Maya – The Highlands Sirens


Joel is dusting nutmeg upon the season’s delightful egg nog.

Li’l Goober

Jasmine in her new shop Old Souls Vintage on Bardstown Road in the Highlands.

Avsluta, logga ut, stäng av