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The latest issue of Lula

The new issue of Lula Magazine is out, with three different cover options. All versions are displayed here in the window at my favorite magazine shop, Press Stop on Götgatan in Södermalm. I went for the one on the far right. It was between that one and the one in true middle of the top shelf. I actually spent some time in the store deciding.

What could go wrong?

Sure, I’ll have another. Just let me fill out this form real quick.

(Two days later…) I did what?! I thought we were playing “pick the jackass.”

Music by my bands

Available in iTunes:

Best Actress - When I Wake Up I Play This Song
Best Actress
When I Wake Up
I Play This Song

from Metroschifter

Whatever’s Wrong With
Me Is Here To Stay

21-song retrospective
of Metroschifter


Things I’m listening to and watching

Mad Men

A Camp - Colonia

SÃ?Æ'Ã+âEUR(TM)Ã?âEUR?Ã,¤kert - SÃ?Æ'Ã+âEUR(TM)Ã?âEUR?Ã,¤kert!

Hello Saferide - More Modern Short Stories from Hello Saferide

Jerry Lee Lewis - Mean Old Man - Single - Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

Let the Right One In

The Colbert Report - The Colbert Report


Curb Your Enthusiasm - Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry?s Top Picks

60 Minutes

Letters to Saint Clinton

Letters to Saint Clinton

Paperback by Scott Ritcher. Same day shipping from Amazon.

Scott Ritcher guides you through 190 pages of the ridiculous hate mail he received from religious nuts who freaked out when they saw a picture of Jesus with Bill Clinton’s head. The most entertaining and absurd letters were hand-selected and are reprinted in all their misspelled glory.

Or download it instantly in the iBookstore:

Letters to Saint Clinton - Scott Ritcher


“Artist Scott Ritcher said his depiction of former President Clinton as Saint Clinton was meant to be funny and provoke thought, but a Catholic priest wasn’t amused.” —USA Today 

“The book displays the negative response Saint Clinton generated from Bible-banging Christians worldwide. Ritcher reprinted the emails and message board posts about both art and artist in their original state, spelling and grammar mistakes included. It makes for a hilarious read. And it’s telling, in its own mildly elitist fashion.” —Stephen George, LEO Weekly 

“I hope to … send a big message to Scott Ritcher. I want to let him know that this is not funny and that the open-season on Catholics and Our Lord Jesus Christ is officially closed.” —John Horvat, American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property


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