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Tack för den här tiden

Tack för fem(-ish) fantastiska år på Bonnier Tidskrifter.

Fika with Catface

Fika with Karin “Catface” Nilsson. Read her K Composite interview here!

K Composite Halloween 2013

Duckface Disco stuffing goodie bags while Junebug picks the music.

A cassette single by Ben Purdom was included in the goodie bag. I designed the cover and it was released on Iida’s label, Purslane Records.

Iida “Junebug” Hellström and Therese “Disco” Lundell

RIP Commander Tower and Pussy Riot.

And then there’s me.

My “First Time”

In July, I was featured in The Courier-Journal, the daily newspaper in Louisville, Kentucky. For their “First Time” segment, the paper asks notable Louisvillians to reflect back on an important moment in their life when something (non-sexual!) happened for the first time. Here’s what I wrote:

View the original at

Louisville native Scott Ritcher publishes K Composite Magazine, has run for mayor of Louisville and the Kentucky Senate, and now lives in Sweden.

Here he shares the moment when his career as a designer and publisher essentially began.

In 1988, in a Kinko’s copy shop on South First Street near the University of Louisville, lit by fluorescent tubes and decorated with all the charm of an abandoned conference room, I used a Macintosh computer for the first time.

Nestled in a tiny cubicle with worn carpet underneath it was a 13-inch-tall beige box bearing a rainbow Apple logo and the name Macintosh SE.

The machine had a 3.5-inch floppy disk slot on the front and a 9-inch black and white screen with a resolution of 512 by 342 pixels. Those pixels were so big and so few that the machine’s entire screen could now be fully displayed 16 times on your iPhone 5, or nearly 24 times on the MacBook I’m using to type this today.

I was at Kinko’s working on the liner notes for an upcoming cassette album by the Louisville skate-punk band Spot which would be released on Slamdek, my record label.

In those days, there were no scanners, color printers or design software to speak of; however, earlier that year, a brand-new device called the Apple LaserWriter had been released. The Mac and LaserWriter brought publishing power literally to your desk.

Before that happened, I visited a printing shop for any typesetting I needed. I’d type out the text on a typewriter and hand that sheet of paper over to a man who would enter it into a Linotype machine to make it look pretty, charging me by the word. Even that was a world away from the scratch-on letters that preceded it.

By renting time on a Mac at Kinko’s for $6 an hour, I could cut out the middleman and begin experimenting with typography myself. The power this gave me was seriously exciting.

On this early Mac I was still only playing with the dozen or so fonts available on the machine — most often sticking with Helvetica or Geneva — and typing out everything on a blank page in MacWrite. I’d print out those pages of text on the LaserWriter and cut them up. The actual “design” part was still quite analog and the tools were X-ACTO knives and glue sticks. You know, cutting and pasting.

When I think back on my first time with the Mac, it seems like I knew at the time that it was an important moment. Typography and design are what I do now. Without them and without the Mac, I surely wouldn’t be making magazines in one of the world’s design capitals and living (what I consider to be) the dream.

New notebooks!

These fantastic little notebooks just arrived from America! They’re Field Notes pocket notebooks from the Night Sky Edition. You can get them here.

Bunch of frickin ΠΡΩΤΆΡΗΔΕΣ around here!

Bunch of frickin ΠΡΩΤΆΡΗΔΕΣ around here!

Scenes from My Real Job

Sometimes at my job at Bonnier Magazines I design giant refrigerator magnets for our magnetic conference room.

Sometimes we have after-work parties at the office with beer and tacos. Any time Mexican food surfaces in Sweden is okay with me.


Sometimes some mariachi singers show up. ¡Fan vad bueno! These guys are more rare than the food!


In wine there is wisdom…

“In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is strength, in water there is bacteria.” From the cover of the latest issue of Vanity Fair.

Hultsfred 2013

Last weekend, I accompanied my friends Theresa (“Disco”) and Iida (“Li’l Ratchet”) to the Hultsfred music festival.

Your author relaxing on a giant pillow in the VIP area. Working in the magazine industry has its perks.

The festival was held this year near Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport.

Perfect festival weather.

Stevie Janowski thought this party was going to be VIP-only.

K Composite contributor Iida Hellström reporting all the breaking news from the press tent (a.k.a. charging her iPhone and hiding from the rain).

Disco and Ratchet hanging out by the VIP toilets waiting for My Bloody Valentine to play.

If you’re hungry, they have some elk cooked up in a wok! (or a wook?)

What’s hot

K Composite is once again in the What’s Hot section of Apple’s iPad Newsstand in the US. Pretty exciting!

Let’s see here…

Let’s see here… Step 1… New document… Whoops… Wait… Okay… Let’s see…

Half Day

They said today was a half day. Did they mean the second half?


Here’s my co-worker Anne Instagramming before our after-work party. She was upset that all the men in the office had already begun drinking in the kitchen before 5:00 while the women were still working in the other room.


Helena Öhman

Raw image Helena Öhman by Emily Dahl’s photo shoot for K Composite photo today. Issue number 22 coming soon.

Workin’ it.

Workin’ it at my desk at Bonnier Tidskrifter. I needed a photo of me working for an article about K Composite, so I had my co-worker take a few shots with the iPhone. The phone had an Ollo Clip on it, which has several different lenses.

K Composite Halloween

K Composite Halloween party at Debaser Slussen in Stockholm.

If you’re on a computer, you can click images to enlarge, then use the N and P keys to see the Next and Previous images.

Emmy D

This is my dear friend and confidant Emily Dahl who works magic behind the camera for K Composite Magazine.

We had a business meeting tonight. And by “business meeting” I mean that we talked about photography and publishing for about 30 minutes, then drank for a couple hours.

All business.

Warm up your iPads

Warm up your iPads. K Composite issue 19 is just hours away.

Bonnier Magazines

Bonnier Tidskrifter office on Sveavägen in Stockholm

Blog Awards

In a cab after the Swedish Blog Awards, on the way to the afterparty with my friend, documentary filmmaker Moa Junström.

Hangin’ with Moa & Molly

After the Blog Awards with singer Molly Sandén and my friend Moa Junström.


My co-worder Fredrik Vindelälv and I gambled on the outcome of Vecko Revyn magazine’s annual Blog Awards.

He scored 50% correct, which is pretty impressive since the awards are voted on by internet readers and there’s really no telling what people think.

Fredrik and I both guessed correctly that Sofia “PT-Fia” Sjöström would take home the prize for Health and Exercise Blog of the Year. I liked her because her picture is on my Special K cereal box and I designed her blog header.

In the photo above you see my other co-worker, Linnea Isaksson (of Vecko Revyn) on the left awarding the prize to PT-Fia on the right.

Standing in the middle is Maria Montazami, the hostess of the Blog Awards, who rose to fame in Sweden a few years ago from starring in a reality TV show about Swedish women who are married to men in Hollywood.

Moa and Maria

Moa is paying close attention to Maria Montazami at the Vecko Revyn Blog Awards ceremony.

The Oscars are across the street?

Why am I going to the Blog Awards when the Oscars are across the street?

All in one lifetime

All in one lifetime: member of the Teamsters and the Swedish Journalists’ Union.

Oh, and one time I bought Claire Danes a bourbon and Coke.

And I ran for senate in Kentucky. And this other time I was a newspaper photographer in a film that was nominated for Best Picture.

Oh I almost forgot about the time Annika Norlin looked at me.

Wait, did I mention that I saw Steve Jobs in 2003 and his assistant stopped me from showing him my Apple tattoo? Right. That.

All in one lifetime.

And I played over 100 shows in Europe with my band. Yep.

And when I was a kid I met Robert Crippen, commander of the first Space Shuttle flight.

And Mr T.

And I saw Nirvana in concert.

And Liberace.

And Jerry Lee Lewis five times.

And Johnny Cash twice.

Yeah, so the point is, I’m in the Swedish Journalists’ Union now.

10,000 kronor on Cissi Wallin

I’m putting 10,000 kr on Cissi Wallin in the Snackis category in the Swedish Blog Awards.

My co-worker Fredrik Oinonen and I are enjoying an after work beer while doing some betting. We both agree that PT-Fia is a sure bet for Hälso- och Träningsblogg.

Okay, honestly, there’s no money exchanging hands. This is just friendly wagering.

Swedish Royal Institute of Technology

Today I’m talkin’ to kids at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) about independent publishing on the iPad and the *massive* audiences available for publishers who interview their friends and non-famous people.

A short pause

The Young Publisher

The young publisher in his pre-K Composite years. Here I am seen at about age 12, working on my magazine Cosmicpolitan.

Guldknappen 2012

“Just hurry up and spell our names wrong. There’s free drinks back there.”

Here I am with my partner in crime, Emily Dahl, on the gold carpet at Guldknappen (“the golden button”) fashion awards.

Guldknappen is the “most prestigious prize in Swedish fashion” and is given annually to a Swedish fashion label that is recognized for moving the art forward. A designer or fashion label can only win once, so it’s someone new every year. This was the 31st annual.

Emily is a photo journalist who makes images that are dreamy and artful, and which have colors that feel like a sleepy hug. She has done a lot of photography for K Composite during the past year, including these photos of Julia Lind, Moa Junström and Caroline Hainer.

The magazine which hosts Guldknappen each year is Damernas Värld (Womens’ World), published by Bonnier where I am an art director.