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Category: K Composite

K Composite Halloween 2013

Duckface Disco stuffing goodie bags while Junebug picks the music.

A cassette single by Ben Purdom was included in the goodie bag. I designed the cover and it was released on Iida’s label, Purslane Records.

Iida “Junebug” Hellström and Therese “Disco” Lundell

RIP Commander Tower and Pussy Riot.

And then there’s me.

What’s hot

K Composite is once again in the What’s Hot section of Apple’s iPad Newsstand in the US. Pretty exciting!

Moa Junström’s latest film debuts

My friend Moa Junström’s new film Staden ocg Jag (“The City and I”) recently had its Stockholm debut at the Tempo Documentary Festival.

The film is her own personal tale of her relationships with her father, her family and growing up with the city of Stockholm as a backdrop. It’s about as touching and sweet as a film can get in 14 minutes. The film bears her heart as well as the stark realities of how the city’s housing affects everything from relationships to happiness.

I spent the weekend seeing it and a number of other fantastic documentary films. I also was lucky enough to attend the awards ceremony and filmmakers’ after party. It was a fantastic weekend and Moa’s film took home the New Docs prize, a great honor as well as a pile of cash!

Congratulations, buddy!

Here are a few photos from the weekend. You can see Moa’s K Composite interview at this link:

Video editing on a Sunday afternoon

Today I’m editing a new K Composite promo video we shot in Stockholm this weekend starring the beautiful and hilarious Linn Larsson.

Update: here’s the finished film: Quick Guide to K Composite for iPad. Enjoy!

Helena Öhman

Raw image Helena Öhman by Emily Dahl’s photo shoot for K Composite photo today. Issue number 22 coming soon.

Workin’ it.

Workin’ it at my desk at Bonnier Tidskrifter. I needed a photo of me working for an article about K Composite, so I had my co-worker take a few shots with the iPhone. The phone had an Ollo Clip on it, which has several different lenses.

K Composite Halloween

K Composite Halloween party at Debaser Slussen in Stockholm.

If you’re on a computer, you can click images to enlarge, then use the N and P keys to see the Next and Previous images.

Blood Red Carpet

The backdrop has arrived for costume photos on the Blood Red Carpet at K Composite Halloween!

Emmy D

This is my dear friend and confidant Emily Dahl who works magic behind the camera for K Composite Magazine.

We had a business meeting tonight. And by “business meeting” I mean that we talked about photography and publishing for about 30 minutes, then drank for a couple hours.

All business.

Warm up your iPads

Warm up your iPads. K Composite issue 19 is just hours away.

Hangin’ with Moa & Molly

After the Blog Awards with singer Molly Sandén and my friend Moa Junström.

Swedish Royal Institute of Technology

Today I’m talkin’ to kids at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) about independent publishing on the iPad and the *massive* audiences available for publishers who interview their friends and non-famous people.

…aaand publish!

…aaand publish. K Composite 18 is now out and free on iPad.