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Summer Panoramas of Stockholm

Here are a couple recent panorama images of Stockholm taken on a gorgeous day, August 13, 2016, from Champagnebaren at Mosebacke on Södermalm.

Click the images to view them larger, then click again to see them at full resolution.



Sergels Torg panorama

A wide view of Stockholm’s central plaza Sergels Torg on a dark, wet, winter afternoon. Click the image for a larger view.


Panorama outside Ljushuset

The Ljushuset store (“Light House”) on Mäster Samuelsgatan lights up a rainy day in Stockholm. Click the image for a larger view.





Rainy night in Malmö

James Blake at Berns

Beethoven in the balcony waiting for James Blake to start. “I hope it’s loud. My hearing has been shit since the 1820s.”

Newly framed art in my apartment

I just framed the set list from the incredible Andrew WK concert here in Stockholm at Debaser Slussen.

A beautiful addition to the Scandinavian minimalism in my apartment which might be all covered in blood after it’s time to party hard.

Nice Doggie



Stockholm’s Old Town seen through a wine glass at Debaser Slussen.

Stockholm City Library

Stockholm City Library designed by Gunnar Asplund in the 1920’s. I can see this beautiful building from my apartment window and I pass it on my walk to work.


Sunset and the evening’s first star over the Stockholm suburb of Rågsved.

Tulips in the window


Good morning, Vasastan.

Good morning, Vasastan.


Trygg is the Swedish word for “safe.” This is at the top of a beautiful old insurance company building in Stockholm.

Illuminated Door Handles

These restroom door handles in Stockholm glow in different colors to show you if someone is inside.

Ericsson Globe Arena




Ol’ No. 53

Outside the office at Bonnier Magazines



Cozy and mysigt.

Cozy and mysigt. A warm view of the chilly night from one of my favorite spots, the Babylon bar in Stockholm.

Scaffolding 3

Scaffolding 3 (and the shadow of the building I live in)




Snowfall at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).



Scaffolding 2

The scaffolding across the street has completely surrounded the building and is now going over the top.

This is a sequel to my previous action-packed report: Scaffolding.

Garbage chute instructions

A handsome, vintage, framed note in the hallway of this apartment building provides pointers on how to properly use the garbage chute.


Stockholm Architecture Museum

The Architecture Museum in Stockholm was free today, so I stopped in and took a look around.

This is a 1967 architectural model for the construction of the NK department store in Fittja, a neighborhood near Botkyrka, Sweden.

I took this photo with my iPhone using only the automatic focus and no artificial editing. I spent a few minutes taking photos to get the exact image I wanted.

Corner Windows


Stockholm has one Halloween store

As we’ve discussed in previous years, Halloween in Sweden is not what it is in America. But it’s getting there. (See Halloween in Sweden, 27 October 2009)

I’ve noticed an increase in the excitement and decorations for Halloween just within the three autumns I’ve been living in Stockholm.

The city has one main store where people go to get costumes and supplies. The store, located centrally on Drottninggatan, is called Butterick’s.

Butterick’s opened there in 1903 and is now a 3-story complex which begins at street level and goes down two more floors.

The place is a madhouse in the weeks leading up to Halloween and even has a line queued up outside. A guard at the door lets more people in as other people leave.

A line of people waiting to get into Butterick’s on 30 October 2012

The terrifying ghost above Drottninggatan in front of Butterick’s

Magazine Moment

Bonnier Tidskrifter Magazine Moment at Berns