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Election night in Sweden

Election night in Sweden reminds me of this one night a couple years ago when it was inevitable that a super-qualified woman was going to become president of the United States.

The most popular song I ever sang

Despite my dozens of records, the most popular song I ever sang is surprisingly this Swedish TV commercial which just passed a million views on YouTube.

It features Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafson lifting a person and me doing some moves inspired by the King.

“Do we really want to change America into Sweden?”

“Do we really want to change America into Sweden?” –Bill O’Reilly


Here are a few photos from a tiny street called Pustegränd on the island of Södermalm in central Stockholm.

The street is just a couple blocks long and is about 130 meters in length (425 feet). A large portion of that distance is made up of steep stairs that connect the higher elevation of the island to the streets near the water.

This short video from Apple Maps shows where is Pustegränd is located in Stockholm.

Here is a link to the street on Google Maps.

Summer Panoramas of Stockholm

Here are a couple recent panorama images of Stockholm taken on a gorgeous day, August 13, 2016, from Champagnebaren at Mosebacke on Södermalm.

Click the images to view them larger, then click again to see them at full resolution.



Sergels Torg panorama

A wide view of Stockholm’s central plaza Sergels Torg on a dark, wet, winter afternoon. Click the image for a larger view.


Blue skies and January sunshine


Fika with Catface

Fika with Karin “Catface” Nilsson. Read her K Composite interview here!

Rainy night in Malmö

Swedish autumn by train

Swedish autumn by train


One of Stockholm’s filthy, disgusting, dangerous subway stations.

Rain and Sun

Duckface centralen

At the Way Out West festival with my old friends Anna Lanhage and Iida Hellström from The Sorted.

Get your white fists in the air!

Get your white fists in the air!


The level of Swedishness in this picture is blowing my mind. The Turn-O-Matic is about as Swedish as it gets.

Sigvard Bernadotte

Sigvard Bernadotte

Mats Gustafson

A few images from the fantastic Mats Gustafson exhibition at Millesgården in Stockholm.

Summer in Sweden

Newly framed art in my apartment

I just framed the set list from the incredible Andrew WK concert here in Stockholm at Debaser Slussen.

A beautiful addition to the Scandinavian minimalism in my apartment which might be all covered in blood after it’s time to party hard.

Warning about alcohol consumption


Scenes from My Real Job

Sometimes at my job at Bonnier Magazines I design giant refrigerator magnets for our magnetic conference room.

Sometimes we have after-work parties at the office with beer and tacos. Any time Mexican food surfaces in Sweden is okay with me.


Sometimes some mariachi singers show up. ¡Fan vad bueno! These guys are more rare than the food!


Hultsfred 2013

Last weekend, I accompanied my friends Theresa (“Disco”) and Iida (“Li’l Ratchet”) to the Hultsfred music festival.

Your author relaxing on a giant pillow in the VIP area. Working in the magazine industry has its perks.

The festival was held this year near Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport.

Perfect festival weather.

Stevie Janowski thought this party was going to be VIP-only.

K Composite contributor Iida Hellström reporting all the breaking news from the press tent (a.k.a. charging her iPhone and hiding from the rain).

Disco and Ratchet hanging out by the VIP toilets waiting for My Bloody Valentine to play.

If you’re hungry, they have some elk cooked up in a wok! (or a wook?)

Good mornin’!

Good mornin’!


A flag on top of the hill at Vanadislunden, a park near my apartment.


Thanks for sorting the garbage. Think about the environment!

That guy’s got a good head on his shoulders.


Weather suitable for outdoor eating and drinking has finally come to Stockholm this year.

Swedish bitches

Iida and Alice enjoying the sunshine.

Good morning! Free ice cream!

I met some clown this morning who was giving away free ice cream!

Stockholm City Library

Stockholm City Library designed by Gunnar Asplund in the 1920’s. I can see this beautiful building from my apartment window and I pass it on my walk to work.

Tulips in the window