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“Do we really want to change America into Sweden?”

“Do we really want to change America into Sweden?” –Bill O’Reilly


Here are a few photos from a tiny street called Pustegränd on the island of Södermalm in central Stockholm.

The street is just a couple blocks long and is about 130 meters in length (425 feet). A large portion of that distance is made up of steep stairs that connect the higher elevation of the island to the streets near the water.

This short video from Apple Maps shows where is Pustegränd is located in Stockholm.

Here is a link to the street on Google Maps.

Summer Panoramas of Stockholm

Here are a couple recent panorama images of Stockholm taken on a gorgeous day, August 13, 2016, from Champagnebaren at Mosebacke on Södermalm.

Click the images to view them larger, then click again to see them at full resolution.



Flashback 4th of July


Flashback 4th of July in Middletown, Kentucky. That’s me on the left with Talking Baby Beans.

Tack för den här tiden

Tack för fem(-ish) fantastiska år på Bonnier Tidskrifter.

The Carjoela Wedding

My associates Alicia Cavender, Chris Reinstatler, Carla Wettig and I, at Carla’s wedding to former teen model Joel Jacob in Louisville.

Rooftop sweating and drinking in steamy Louavull.

The Ritcher family

A family reunion and some Mexican food in Louisville.


I’m on a boat, as they say.


I’m taking some notes.

I’m taking some notes by the water in Stockholm with a couple souvenir writing instruments from my hometown.

The Right Stuff

A screenshot from the 1983 film The Right Stuff.


Ehrmagerd! Yerdgerber!

Strawberries are growing on the window sill in Farsta


Málaga from the air

I spent a few days in the mountains near Málaga, Spain, helping my friend Moa Junström with some music for a film she is working on. I snapped this photo of the beautiful countryside from the airplane.

Scott vs. Swedish Winter


Sergels Torg panorama

A wide view of Stockholm’s central plaza Sergels Torg on a dark, wet, winter afternoon. Click the image for a larger view.


Fresh snow



Sveavägen Morning


Blue skies and January sunshine


Travel Highlights

A clock in the terminal at the Frankfurt airport.

I was delayed 13 hours on my way back to Stockholm after the holidays. I got the opportunity to sit on the runway in DC for two hours and to hang out inside the Frankfurt airport for ten hours.

A fancy sign from my arrival in Kentucky before the holidays.

Louisville Water Company meter cover

Louisville Water Company meter cover

Louisville Gas & Electric

Louisville Gas & Electric iron manhole cover (detail)

My mom loves Swedish glögg!

Okay, mom. That’s enough glögg for this year.

Some of this year’s Blossa Glögg accidentally found its way to Louisville in my checked baggage. Here’s my mom drinking it in the Most Useful Conversions mug.


Joel is dusting nutmeg upon the season’s delightful egg nog.

Li’l Goober

Jasmine in her new shop Old Souls Vintage on Bardstown Road in the Highlands.


Belgian beer

Taking pictures is hard!

If I line up the windows then the lamp isn’t centered and if I line up the lamp then the windows aren’t right. DAMMIT!


True love. (15 seconds before she was claws-deep in my chin)

K Composite Halloween 2013

Duckface Disco stuffing goodie bags while Junebug picks the music.

A cassette single by Ben Purdom was included in the goodie bag. I designed the cover and it was released on Iida’s label, Purslane Records.

Iida “Junebug” Hellström and Therese “Disco” Lundell

RIP Commander Tower and Pussy Riot.

And then there’s me.

There he is

There he is.

Five years ago

Five years ago I was a candidate for Kentucky’s State Senate.