The Sky

The sky is a monster of gases that blankets the planet and protects us from the harsh nothingness of outer space. As an added bonus to this monumental task, it is sometimes really pretty or interesting to look at.

The best part about the sky is that it’s free. All you have to do is look up and there it is. Another very cool feature is that it never looks the same twice. Wait just a few minutes and it will be totally different.

Lots of people take pictures of the sky for all these reasons, but it seems sunset photos are the most popular ones. Photographs never quite capture it, though. It’s hard to fit something into a few inches of a photo that in reality is all around you, everywhere you look.

Nonetheless, I also continue to try to do this with a beat-up pocket camera. Here are a few of my latest feeble attempts to point-and-shoot something that is impossible to reproduce.

30 July, 9:56 pm

14 August, 1:10 pm

14 August, 7:50 pm

15 August, 9:00 pm

17 August, 2:17 am (8-second exposure)

17 August, 2:28 am (15-second exposure)

18 August, 4:23 pm

18 August, 6:39 pm