Babies, too, must travel in airplanes

I have received a lot of responses to my two articles about the presence of loud babies in airplanes and restaurants. (See The 18 & Over Airline and No Babies on Airplanes)

It seems I may have touched a nerve for people on both sides of the issue.

Some have made some valid points about the challenges parents go through, while others have been in support of keeping small children separated from otherwise quiet places.

Because of the number of responses, I’d like to give a little of my space on this website to some people who have slightly different points of view.

I received the following rebuttal on Wednesday:

Mr. Richter, please take this into consideration before lashing out at children:

Nothing makes me happier than to be in the company of the peeps and babble of a youthful infant.

To some people these sounds are annoying, but for me, it is a reminder of how beautiful and precious young life can be.

I have heard it suggested by some intolerant rogues that babies should be banned from restaurants and airplanes, in fact, equating their beautiful sounds with the inconvenience of cigarette smoke.

Well, I’m here to tell you that I think people who don’t appreciate the sweet gift of a child should be given a stern talking-to by his or her parents.

Whom is one who does not realize the delicate flower he once was in his mother’s arms? Has he grown so callous that he cannot appreciate the circle of life itself?

Must he be so self-important as to think only that the bubbling delights, curiosity and bewilderment of a baby are but an inconvenience to the silent earth he so desires?

It is my advice, then, to the gentleman who regurgitates narrow-minded tirades on this so-called “news” site (such as “The 18 & Over Airline” and “no babies on airplanes”) that he should take some time out of his selfish schedule to visit with a little one for a time.

Perhaps the sparkle in a child’s eye, the bewilderment of the world through the eyes of a darling cherub, the warmth and affection of such a helpless angel… Perhaps this will rub off on our incorrigible writer and he may rethink his callous assaults against the most vulnerable little toddlers and their innocent parents.

May this be a lesson to him and to all who scold the young. Babies, too, must travel in airplanes. Babies, too, must eat in restaurants.

All my best, Noreen McCammon (proud mother of 3 darling children!)