Beautiful doesn’t even come close

At the risk of jinxing it, the weather the past few days has been simply gorgeous. We broke double-digit temperatures (Celcius, of course) which means it has been up in the 50° Fahrenheit range.

When the weather changes, the people change. I know I do. People on the street are talking more, laughing, and there are more people about. It’s great.

In the picture above, you can notice the supply of candles. Swedes love putting candles or little lights in their windows and I’m trying to fit in. Also, check out how thick the windows are. This is a triple-pane window built for the cold winters and the blinds are built into the middle, so they don’t need to be dusted.

The nice weather is especially helpful since my Dutch roommate has turned the apartment into a construction zone. In preparation for selling the place, he has begun painting everything. He is using oil-based paints which stink like crazy. We’re on the fourth floor and I can smell the paint as soon as I walk into the building on the ground floor. Of course, he’s a construction worker and chain-smoker, so he can’t smell it and he thinks I’m joking.

Yesterday I got home and had to pee so bad, only to find that there was no door on the bathroom. Great! So I’ve spent a couple recent nights at Iida and Erik’s. When I have been home, the window in my room has been open or I’ve been camped out on the balcony.